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112 feat. Ludacris "Hot & Wet" -Cd Single $3.99

3LW feat. Nas "I Can't Take It" (No More Remix) -Cd Single $3.99 (out of stock)

3LW feat. Lil Wayne "Neva Get Enuf" -Cd Single $3.99

3rd Storee feat. Joe Budden "Get With Me" -Cd Single $3.99

3rd Storee feat. Joe Budden "Get With Me" b/w Lovher "How's It Gonna Be" + (samples of both albums) -Cd Single $2.99

3rd Storee (5 Track Sampler) -Cd5 $2.99

8Ball & MJG feat. Notorious B.I.G. & Project Pat "Relax And Take Notes" -Cd Single $3.99 <

8Ball And MJG "Ridin' High" -Cd Single $3.99


Abyss "Catch 22" -Cd Single $2.99

A-G-2-A-Ke "Selling Dreams" b/w "Playa Dead" & "Mo Power" feat. Scarface -Cd Single $2.99

Agallah "Crookie Monster" b/w "I Know All Y'all" & "5 Star Millas" -Cd Maxi-Single $3.99*

Alchemist, The feat. Lloyd Banks (G-Unit) "Bangers" -Cd Single $3.99 (out of stock)

Ali & Gipp "Go 'Head" -Cd Single $3.99

Alicia Keys "Every Little Bit Hurts" -Cd Single

Alicia Keys "Like You'll Never See Me Again" CD Single

Alley Life "That's The Way We Roll" -Cd Single $3.99

Allure "Kool Wit Me" -Cd Single $3.99

Allure "Enjoy Yourself" Produced By Kay Gee -Cd Single $3.99

Angie Stone "I Wasn't Kidding" -Cd Single $3.99

Angie Stone "Mahogany Soul" (5 full-track album sampler) -Cd5 $3.99

Anthony Allen "Comin' From Where I'm From" + more (5-trk) -Cd Single $3.99

Archie Eversole "For Da Club" -Cd Single $3.99 (out of stock)

Archie "We Ready" -Cd Single $3.99

Archie feat. Bubba Sparxxx "We Ready" Remix -Cd Single $3.99

Ashanti "Only U" -Cd Single $3.99

Ashanti feat. Black Child "BreakUp 2 Makeup Remix" -Cd Single $3.99

Ashanti "Dreams" -Cd Single $3.99

Ashanti feat. Ja Rule, Nas & 2Pac "The Pledge" Remix -Cd Single $3.99*

Athena Cage "Hey Hey" -Cd Single $3.99

Asia Cruise feat. Huey "Selfish" Remix -Cd Single

ATL "Make It Up With Love" -Cd Single $3.99

Avant "When It Hurts" b/w "Perfect Gentlemen" -Cd Single $3.99

Avant feat. Nicole Scherzinger "Lie About Us" -Cd Single $3.99 **

Avant "Read Your Mind" -Cd Single $3.99 (out of stock)

Avant "Makin' Good Love" -Cd Single $3.99

Avant "Don't Say No, Just Say Yes" -Cd Single $3.99

AXel "100 to 1" b/w "Ebonics(Spanish)" & "True Story" -Cd Single $3.99


B2K "Why I Love You" -Cd Single $3.99

B5 "U Got Me" -Cd Single $3.99

Baby D feat. Bonecrusher & Dru "It's Goin' Down" -Cd Single $3.99

Babyface "There She Goes" Produced By The Neptunes -Cd Single $3.99

Beanie Sigel feat. Melissa "Feel It In The Air" -Cd Single $3.99

Beanie Sigel feat. Twista & Peedi Crakk "Gotta Have It" -Cd Single $3.99

Beanie Sigel feat. Cam'ron "Wanted (On The Run)" -Cd Single $3.99

Beanie Sigel feat. Peedi Crakk & Dirt Mcgirt(Ol' DB) "When You Hear That" - Cd Single $3.99

Beatnuts, The feat. Akon "Find Us" b/w "Hot" feat. Greg Nice -Cd Single $3.99

Beenie Man feat. Wyclef Jean "Love Me Know" -Cd Single $3.99

Beezel feat. Bone Crusher & Davis Banner "See About Ya" -Cd Single $3.99

B.G. feat. Mannie Fresh "Move Around" -Cd Single $3.99

Big Punisher feat. Next "Sex, Money & Drugs" -Cd Single $3.99

Bimbo "Fuleteame El Tanque" (Reggaeton) -Cd Single $3.99

Blackalicious "Make You Feel That Way" b/w "Sky Is Falling" -Cd Single $3.99

Blackalicious "Make You Feel That Way" b/w "Paragraph President" -Cd Single $3.99

Black Rob "Ready" -Cd Single $3.99 (out of stock)

Black Rob "You Don't Know Me" -Cd Single $3.99

Blu Cantrell "Hit 'em Up Style" (Oops!) -Cd Single $3.99

Blu Cantrell feat. Foxy Brown "Hit 'em Up Style" (Oops!) Remix -Cd Single $3.99

Boyz N Da Hood "Felonies" -Cd Single $3.99

Boyz N Da Hood feat. T.I. & The Game "Dem Boyz (Remix)" -Cd Single $3.99

Bradshaw "My World" (Blackground Records) -Cd Single $3.99

Brandy "What About Us" -Cd Single $3.99

Brandy "U Don't Know Me (Like U Used To) Remix" -Cd Single $3.99

Brandy "Almost Doesn't Count" Dj Premier Remix -Cd Single $3.99

Bravehearts feat. Nas"Situations" -Cd Single $3.99

B.R.E.T.T. feat. Rick Rock "Couple Of Thugs" -Cd Single $3.99

Bun-B feat Rick Ross, David Banner, 8-Ball & MJG "You're Everything" CD Single $3.99

Busta Rhymes "Light Your Ass On Fire" Produced by The Neptunes -Cd Single $3.99 (out of stock)


Caddillac Tah feat. Althea "I Got'cha Ma" -Cd Single $3.99

Calle 13 "Suave" -Cd Single $3.99

Camara "Monet" -Cd Single $3.99

Cam'Ron feat. Lil Wayne "Touch It Or not" -Cd Single $3.99

Cam'Ron feat. Nicole Wray "Do Your Thing" -Cd Single $3.99

Cam'Ron feat. Kanye West & Syleena Johnson "Down And Out" -Cd Single $3.99

Cam'Ron "Girls" -Cd Single $3.99

Cam'Ron feat. Tiffany "Daydreaming" -Cd Single $3.99

Cam'Ron "That's Me" -Cd Single $3.99

Cam'Ron "Hey Ma" -Cd Single $3.99

Canibus "Mic-Nificent" -Cd Single $3.99

Capone "Oh No" b/w "Under Mi Sensi" feat. Mr. Vegas -Cd Single $3.99

Cassie "Long Way 2 Go" -Cd Single $3.99

Cassie "Me & U" -Cd Single $2.99

Cassidy "(Anthem)" -Cd Single $3.99

Cassidy "B-Boy Stance" b/w "A.M. To P.M." -Cd Single $3.99

Cham "Ghetto Story" -Cd Single $3.99

Chamillionaire "Industry Groupie" CD Single $3.99

Charlie Baltimore "Diary..." -Cd Single $3.99

Cheech & Storitela "One Night Stand" b/w "Club Gets Ripped" & "Stars & Stripes" -Cd Single $3.99

Cheri Dennis feat. Jim Jones & Yung Joc "I Love You" -Cd Single $3.99 (out of stock)

Cherokee feat. Andre 3000 of Outkast "Nectarine" Produced by Earthtone III -Cd Single $3.99

Chingo Bling feat. 5th Ward Weebie "Walk Like Cleto" b/w "American Pie" feat. Mike Jones & Paul Wall & "They Don't Want None" -Cd Single $3.99

Chris Brown "Take You Down" -Cd Single

Chris Brown "Wall To Wall" -Cd Single

Christina Milian "AM To PM" b/w "Between Me And You" feat. Ja Rule -Cd Single $3.99

C-Murder "What U Gonna Do" b/w "I'm Not Just" -Cd Single $3.99

Code5 "What's Ur Name Girl?" Produced by Dj Clue -Cd Single $3.99

Cody Chesnutt "Look Good In Leather" + Remix -Cd Single $3.99

Colby Odonis "Don't Turn Back" CD Single

Colby Odonis "Don't Turn Back" CD Single

Collin feat. Akon "What You Got" -Cd Single $1.99

Comp "Harder" -Cd Single $2.99

Coo Coo Cal "My Projects" -Cd Single $3.99

Coolio "Mama, I'm In Love" b/w "It Takes A Thief" -Cd Single $3.99

Craig David "7 Days" -Cd Single $3.99

Craig David "Fill Me In" (+ Full Crew Remix) -Cd Single $3.99

Crimewave "Think Big" b/w "Certified Kilaz" -Cd Single $3.99 (out of stock)

Cypress Hill "Trouble" b/w 'Lowrider" -Cd Single $3.99

Cypress Hill "Live At The Fillmore Radio Sampler" -5 Track Cd $2.99

Cypress Hill "Los Grandes Exitos En Espanol" -Cd $4.99

Czar*Nok (Hayczar & Enok) "Hercules" b/w "G.A.M.E." -Cd Single $3.99

Czar*Nok "Pimp Tight" -Cd Single $3.99


D12 "Devil's Night" -Cd $6.99

D4L "Betcha Can't Do It Like Me" -Cd Single $3.99

Da Brat "Boom I F*cked Your Boyfriend" -Cd Single $3.99

Da Howg "Country" -Cd Single $2.99

Damozel "Everyday's A Party" -Cd Single $3.99 (out of stock)

Da Muzicianz feat. Mr. Collipark "Camera Phone" -Cd Single $3.99

Danity Kane "Damaged" -Cd Single

Dante Thomas feat. Pras "Miss California" -Cd Single $3.99

Da Outfit "Feel Me" b/w "Fed Up" -Cd Single $2.99

Da Razkalz Cru "So Fly" -Cd Single $3.99

Dark Blu "Quit Tellin" -Cd Single $3.99

Dave Hollister "Keep Lovin' You" -Cd Single $3.99

David Banner feat. Lil Wayne "Shawty Say" -Cd Single $3.99

Day 26 "Got Me Going" -Cd Single

Deadly Snakes "Wild West" b/w "Culebras De Muerte" -Cd Single $3.99

Dead Poets "Come Get some" -Cd Single $2.99

Deborah Cox "Play Your Part" -Cd Single $3.99

Deborah Cox "Up & Down(In & Out)" -Cd Single $3.99

Deep feat. Big Moe "TX Boys" b/w "I'm Dat" -Cd Single $3.99

De La Soul feat. Chaka Khan "All Good" The Remixes -Cd Single $3.99*

Destiny's Child "Bootylicious" + Remixes -Cd Single $3.99

Destiny's Child "Independent Women Part 1 " - Cd Single $3.99

Destiny's Child "Independent Women" b/w Victor Calderone Mix/ Maurice's Remix "8 Days Of Christmas" - Cd5 Single $3.99

Destiny's Child "Jumpin' Jumpin'" 5 Remixes -Cd Single $3.99

Destiny's Child "Bills, Bills, Bills" (promo with original 4 girls on cover) includes instrumental -Cd Single $3.99

Destiny's Child "8 Days Of Christmas" -Cd (full-length) $3.99 (out of stock)

Destiny's Child "Say My Name" Remixes- Cd Single $3.99

Diamonique "Get It On" -Cd Single $3.99

Diddy feat. Nicole Scherzinger "Come To Me" -Cd Single $3.99

Dilated Peoples "You Can't Hide, You Can't Run" -Cd Single $3.99

Dilated Peoples "Back Again" -Cd Single $3.99

Diplomats, The (Dipset) "S.A.N.T.A.N.A." b/w "Push It" -Cd Single $3.99

Diplomats, The (Cam'ron,Jimmy Jones & Juelz Santana) feat. Master P "Bout It Bout It... Pt.3" -Cd Single $3.99

Diplomats, The (Cam'ron & Juelz Santana) "Dipset Anthem" -Cd Single $3.99

Diplomats, The (Cam'ron,Jimmy Jones & Juelz Santana) "Built This City" -Cd Single $3.99

DJ LT. Dan "Nasir Jones Hova's Son" Nas Song Jay-Z Beats Mix Cd $4.99 (free with any purchase over $25, just ask!)

DJ LT. Dan "Guess Who's That?" Mix Cd $4.99 (free with any purchase over $25, just ask!)

DMX feat. Swizz Beatz "Get It On The Floor" -Cd Single $3.99

DMX "Who We Be" -Cd Single $3.99

DMX "X Gon' Give It To Ya" -Cd Single $3.99

Don Dada "Ballin" b/w "Da Anthem" -Cd Single $3.99

Dorasel "Bounce" b/w "Get Cha Hands Up" -Cd Single $3.99

Drag-On "Bang Bang Boom" Produced by Swizz Beats -Cd Single $3.99

Dru Hill "I Love You" -Cd Single $3.99

Dru Hill "These Are The Times" -Cd Single $2.99

Dungeon Family "Trans DF Express" (Outkast/ Goodie Mob) - Cd Single $3.99

Dunk Ryders feat. Trick Daddy "F*ck Tha Otha Side" CD Single $3.99


E-40 feat. T-Pain and Kandi Girl "U And Dat" -Cd Single $3.99

Ebony Eyez feat. 112 "Take Me Back" -Cd Single $3.99

Ebony Eyez feat. Trina "In Ya Face (Remix)" -Cd Single $3.99

Ebony Eyez "In Ya Face" -Cd Single $3.99

E-Dub "Get Down" Produced by Swizz Beatz -Cd Single $3.99

Eminem "The Marshall Mathers Lp" Snippet Tape $3.99

Erick Sermon "Love Iz" -Cd Single $3.99

Erick Sermon (DEF Squad) feat. Ja Rule "Get Da Money" -Cd Single $3.99

Erykah Badu "Southern Gul" (includes lyrics insert) -Cd Single $3.99

Essa "Shake Wit It" b/w "Aint Sayin Nutthin" -Cd Single $2.99

Eve "Satisfaction" -Cd Single $3.99


Faith Evans feat. P.Diddy & Loon "You Gets No Love" -Cd Single $3.99

Fam-Lay "Fresh-N-Drivin" Produced by The Neptunes -Cd Single $3.99

Fam-Lay feat. Lil' Flip "Rock N' Roll" (The Remix) Produced by The Neptunes -Cd Single $3.99

Fam-Lay feat. Kelis "Rock N' Roll" Produced by The Neptunes (Star Trak) -Cd Single $3.99

Fantasia "Baby Momma" -Cd Single $3.99

Fantasia "It'a All Good" b/w "Baby Mama" -Cd Single $3.99 (out of stock)

Fantasia "When I See You" -Cd Single $3.99

P>Fantasia feay. Big Boi (Outkast) "Hood Boy" -Cd Single $3.99

Fat Joe feat. Joe Budden, Joe & Dj Kayslay "Not Your Average Joe" -Cd Single $3.99

Field Mob "Project Dreamz" -Cd Single $3.99

Field Mob feat. Trick Daddy "Haters" -Cd Single $3.99

Fieldy's Dream "Baby Hue Hef" b/w "Put A Week On It" feat. Sondoobie, "Just For Now" feat. Jonathan Davis(Korn)...+ more -Cd Single $1.99

Frayser Boy feat. Mike Jones & Paul Wall "Got Dat Drink" -Cd Single $3.99

Freckles "Dance With Me" Remix b/w "Does It really Matter" 5-trk Sampler -Cd $3.99

Freeway feat. Allen Anthony "Alright" -Cd Single $3.99 (out of stock)

Fundisha "Live The Life" -Cd Single $3.99

Funkmaster Flex feat. Fat Joe, Jadakiss & Remy Martin "My Lifestyle" Remix -Cd Single $3.99 (out of stock)


Game, The "Game's Pain" feta. Keyshia Cole -Cd Single

Gangsta Boo "Same Block" -Cd Single $3.99 (out of stock)

Gangsta Boo "Love Don't Live" -Cd Single $3.99 (out of stock)

Gangsta Boo "Can I Get Paid"(Stripper's Anthem) b/w "Hard Not To Kill" -Cd Single $3.99 (out of stock)

G.Dep "Special Delivery" P.Diddy Extended Mixes -Cd Single $3.99

Gerald Levert "Wear It Out" -Cd Single $3.99

Ghetto Mafia "Here I Am" b/w "Trap Be Jumpin" CD Single

Ghostface "Save Me Dear" -Cd Single $3.99*

Ginuwine "Hell Yeah" -Cd Single $3.99

Girlicious "Like Me" -Cd Single

Goodie Mob feat. TLC "What It Ain't(Ghetto Enuff)" -Cd Single $3.99

Governor "Blood, Sweat & Tears" -Cd Single $3.99

Grafh "I Don't Care" -Cd Single $3.99

Guerilla Black "Nasty" Produced by Jazze Pha -Cd Single $3.99 (out of stock)


Heather Headley "Me Time" -Cd Single $3.99

Heather Headley "In My Mind" -Cd Single $3.99

Heltah Skeltah "I Ain't Havin That" b/w "Worldwide" -Cd Single $3.99

Holla Point feat. Young Swiss "Ooh Ahh" -Cd Single $3.99

Hom "It's Hom" -Cd Single $3.99

Homebwoi feat. Kadalack Boyz "Flatline" b/w "Legendary Status" -Cd Single $3.99

Hurricane Chris "She's Fine" feat. Superstarr -Cd Single $3.99


Ice Cube "$100 Bill Y'all" Produced by Rockwilder -Cd Single $3.99


Jae Millz "My Swag" Produced by Scott Storch - Official Cd-R Single $1.99

Jaquar Wright "The What If's" -Cd Single $3.99

Jaguar Wright feat. Bilal "I Can't Wait" -Cd Single $3.99

Jaguar Wright feat. Black Thought of The Roots "Ain't Nobody Playin'" -Cd Single $3.99

James Lee "Better", "I Can't Let It Gor", "Whatcha Gonna Do", "Take What's Yours", "Whatever Comes To Mind" (5-trk) -Cd Single $3.99

Jamie Foxx "Can I Take U Home" -Cd Single $3.99

Jamie Foxx feat. Twista "DJ Play A Love Song" -Cd Single $3.99

Jamie Foxx feat. Ludacris "Unpredictable" -Cd Single $3.99 (out of stock)

Janet "Doesn't Really Matter" -Cd Single $3.99

Ja Rule feat. R. Kelly & Ashanti "Wonderful" -Cd Single $3.99

Ja Rule "Clap Back" -Cd Single $3.99

Ja Rule "Reign" -Cd Single $3.99

Ja Rule feat. Bobby Brown "Thug Lovin" -Cd Single $3.99

Ja Tis "Mama's Dirty Water" b/w "Aroma" -Cd Single $3.99

Jayo Felony "Hotta Than Fish Grease" -Cd Single $3.99

Jay Rock feat. Lil Wayne "All My Life" -Cd Single $3.99

Jay-Z "S.Carter/The Re-Mix" (Reebok Mix Cd/19 Tracks) -Cd $8.99

Jay-Z "Excuse Me Miss" Produced by The Neptunes -Cd Single $3.99

Jay-Z "Anything" -Cd Single $3.99 (out of stock)

Jazmine Sullivan feat. Missy Elliott "Need U Bad" -Cd Single

Jeff Bradshaw "Slide" feat. Jill Scott, "Make It Funky" feat. Bilal, "Beautiful Day" feat. Floetry, "SOul Of The Bahia", "Guess You'll Never Know" & "Can You Come Over" feat. Carol Riddick (6-trks) -Cd Single $3.99

Jelleestone "Makes The World Go 'Round: -Cd Single $3.99

Jennifer Lopez "If You Had My Love" (Darckchild Remixes) -Cd Single $3.99 (out of stock)

Jerzee Monet "Most High" -Cd Single $3.99

Jhene "No L.O.V.E." -Cd Single $3.99

Jiggolo "Hey Shawty" -Cd Single $3.99

Jill Scott "A Long Walk" -Cd Single $3.99*

Jim Crow "Hot Wheels" -Cd Single $3.99

Jim Crow "Bandits" -Cd Single $3.99

Jim Crow feat. Too $hort "That Drama(Baby's Mama)" -Cd Single $3.99

Jim Jones "Crunk Music" b/w "This Is Jim Jones" -Cd Single $3.99 (out of stock)

JoJo "Baby It's You" -Cd Single $3.99

J.T. Money "Chevy Game" b/w "Why Cross 'Em" & "Sure Shot Baby" -Cd Single $3.99

JT Money "Super Chick" -Cd Single $3.99

JT Money "Who Dat" -Cd Single $3.99

Juelz Santana feat. Cam'ron "Dipset(Santana's Town) " -Cd Single $3.99 (out of stock)

Juelz Santana "Down" -Cd Single $3.99

Jungle Brothers "V.I.P." b/w "We Got It Goin' On" -Cd Single $3.99

Jurassic 5 feat. Dave Matthews Band "Work It Out" -Cd Single $3.99

Justin Timberlake & Beyonce "Until The End Of Time" CD Single

Juvenile "What's Happenin" -Cd Single $3.99

Juvenile "Rodeo" -Cd Single $3.99


Kam "Neva Again" -Cd $3.99

Kamaal/The Abstract (Q-Tip) "Barely in Love" b/w "Feelin'" & "Heels" -Cd Single $3.99

Kane & Abel feat. Mystikal "Show That Work" -Cd Single $3.99

Kanye West "The New Workout Plan" -Cd Single $3.99

Karina Pasian "16 @ war" -Cd Single

Keith Murray "Candi Bar" -Cd Single $3.99

Keith Murray "Yeah Yeah U Know It" -Cd Single $3.99

Keith Sweat "Real Man" -Cd Single $3.99

Keke Palmer "All My Girlz" -Cd Single $3.99

Keke Wyatt "I Don't Wanna" -Cd Single $3.99

Keke Wyatt "Used To Love" -Cd Single $3.99

Kelly Price "He Proposed" -Cd Single $3.99 (out of stock)

Kelly Price "Someday" -Cd Single $3.99

Kelly Rowland "Can't Nobody" -Cd Single $3.99

Kenny Latimore "Weekend" -Cd Single $3.99

Kevin Lyttle feat. Mr. Easy "Drive Me Crazy" -Cd Single $3.99

Kieran "R U Awake" -Cd Single $2.99

Killarmy "Feel It" -Cd Single $3.99 (out of stock)

Killa Will "Yo Momma" -Cd Single $3.99 (out of stock)

Kinfolk Kia $hine "So Krispy" -Cd Single $3.99

Kingpin Skinny Pimp feat. 8Ball & Yo Gotti "TV's (24's & Wang)" Remix -Cd Single $3.99 (out of stock)

Kizzy Rock feat. BG & Ying Yang Twins "Twurkulator Part II" -Cd Single $3.99

Knoc-Turnal feat. Dr. Dre & Missy Elliott "Knoc" -Cd Single $3.99

Kool G. Rap "My Life" -Cd Single $3.99

Kool Keith "Black Elvis/Lost In Space" -Cd $6.99 (out of stock)


Lady Saw "Son Of A Bitch" -Cd Single $3.99

Lauren Hill "Everything Is Everything" -Cd Single $3.99

LB feat. Wayne Marshall "All Ride" -Cd Single $3.99

Leona Lewis "Bleeding Love" -Cd Single

Lil Bit "Make It Last" b/w "So Old"-Cd Single $2.99

Lil Bow Wow "Bow Wow"(Thats My Name)- Cd Single $3.99

Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz feat. Mystikal & Krayzie Bone "I Don't Give A @#&%" b/w "Play No Games" feat. Fat Joe & Trick Daddy (no instrumentals) + more song snippets (very nice picture disk cd)-Cd Sampler $3.99

Lil Josh & Ernest feat. Hurricane Chris "Jigga Juice" -Cd Single

Lil Kim "No Matter What They Say" -Cd Single $3.99

Lil Kim "Whoa" b/w "Spell Check" -Cd Single $3.99

Lil Kim feat. Tego Calderon "Lighters Up" Remix -Cd Single $3.99

Lil Kim "Whoa" -Cd Single $3.99

Lil Kim "Lighters Up" -Cd Single $3.99

Lil Mo "Ta Da" -Cd Single $3.99

Lil' Mo "Gangsta" (Love 4 The Streets) -Cd Single $3.99

Lil Nut "Awl Damn" b/w "Damn Thang" -Cd Single $2.99 (out of stock)

Lil' O "Choo Choo" -Cd Single $2.99

Lil' O "Back Back" -Cd Single $2.99

Lil' Romeo "The Girlies" b/w "My Baby" Remix -Cd Single $3.99

Lil' Romeo "Little Star" b/w "The Girlies" -Cd Single $3.99

Lil' Romeo "My Baby" -Cd Single $3.99

Lil Scrappy feat. Young Buck "Money In The Bank" -Cd Single $3.99

Lil Scrappy feat. Lil Jon "Gangsta Gangsta" -Cd Single $3.99

Lil' Zane "None Tonight" Bad Boy Remix -Cd Single $3.99 (out of stock)

Lil' Zay feat. J-Shin "M.I.A." (I Got 5 On It inst.) -Cd Single $2.99

Lina feat. Philly's Most Wanted "It's Alright" -Cd Single $3.99

Lindsey Lohan "Rumors" -Cd Single $3.99

Little Brother feat. Joe Scudda "Lovin' It" -Cd Single $3.99

LL Cool J feat. Amerie "Paradise" -Cd Single $3.99

Lloyd "Hey Young Girl" -Cd Single $3.99

Lorenzo Owens "Wanna See You Smile" -Cd Single $3.99

Lost Boyz "Ghetto Jiggy" -Cd Single $3.99

Lovher "How's It Gonna Be" b/w 3rd Storee feat. Joe Budden "Get With Me" + (samples of both albums) -Cd Single $2.99

Lovher "Girlfriend" -Cd Single $3.99 (out of stock)

Los Calderones (John Eric / Tego Calderon) "Los Calderones" -Cd Single $1.99

Ludacris "Diamond In The Back" -Cd Single $3.99

Ludacris "Blow It Out" -Cd Single $3.99

Ludacris "Splash Waterfalls" -Cd Single $3.99

Ludacris Presents Disturbing Tha Peace "Growing Pains" (Do It Again) Remix -Cd Single $3.99

Ludacris Presents Disturbing Tha Peace "N.S.E.W." b/w "Can't Be Stopped" -Cd Single $3.99

Lugo "Boom" -Cd Single $1.99

Luke & Q "My Turn" -Cd Single $3.99

Lumberjacks (Goodie Mob) "Turn Your Whip" b/w "Puttin On 2 Nite" -Cd Single $3.99

Lupe Fiasco "Kick Push" -Cd Single $3.99

Lyric "Hot & Tipsy" -Cd Single $3.99


Mack 10 "Nobody" -Cd Single $2.99

Macy Gray "When I See You" b/w "Speechless", "Come Together", "She Ain't Right For You" & "Things That Made Me Change" -Cd Single $3.99

Magic feat. Detroit "Shorty" -Cd Single $3.99

Maria "Lonely" b/w "I Give, You Take" & "Nowadays" -Cd Single $3.99

Mariah Carey "Mariah's Theme" b/w "Crybaby" feat. Snoop -Cd Single $3.99

Mario "Couldn't Say No (Remix)" b/w "A.M. To P.M." -Cd Single $3.99*

Mary J. Blige "Take Me As I Am" -Cd Single $3.99

Mary J. Blige feat. Method Man "Love @ 1st Sight" -Cd Single $3.99

Mary J. Blige "Family Affair" -Cd Single $3.99

MaryMary "In The Morning" -Cd Single $3.99

Master P "Bout Dat" -Cd Single $3.99

Master P "Pockets Gone' Stay Fat" -Cd Single $3.99

Master P "Souljas" -Cd Single $3.99

Maurice "Hatin' On Us" -Cd Single $3.99

Max .A .Mil "They Don't Know" b/w "Walk Like Thugsters" feat. Red Rat -Cd Single $1.99

Mc Lyte "Ride Wit Me" -Cd Single $2.99

Melissa Jimenez "He Ain't The Only one" - Official Cd-R Single $1.99

Memphis Bleek feat. T.I. & Trick Daddy "Round Here" -Cd Single $3.99

Memphis Bleek feat. Nate Dogg "Need Me In Your Life"" -Cd Single $3.99

Memphis Bleek feat. Jay-Z, Lil' Cease & Geda K "1, 2 Y'all"" -Cd Single $3.99

Method Man "The Show" -Cd Single $3.99

Method Man feat. Busta Rhymes "What's Happenin'" -Cd Single $3.99

Mike Watts feat. Casino "Game Time!" Cd Single

Militia "It's On Tonight" b/w "Get On By" -Cd Single $3.99

Miss B. "Bottle Action" (So So Def) -Cd Single $3.99

Mobb Deep feat. Lil Jon "Real Gangstaz" -Cd Single $3.99 (out of stock)

Mobb Deep "Get Away" -Cd Single $3.99

Monica feat. Dem Franchize Boyz "Everytime Tha Beat Drop" (New Versions) -Cd Single $3.99

Monica feat. Dem Franchize Boyz "Everytime Tha Beat Drop" -Cd Single $3.99

Mos Def "Jam On It" -Cd Single $3.99

MoWett feat. Dave Hollister "Drop Top Bentley" -Cd Single $3.99 (out of stock)

Mr. Cheeks "Hands High" -Cd Single $3.99 (out of stock)

Mr. Cheeks "John P. Kelly(Lights, Camera, Action!)" -Cd (full-length) $5.99

Mr. Marcelo "How U Like It" b/w "Hu Brah" -Cd Single $3.99

Mr. Servon feat. Big Pun "From N.Y. To N.O." -Cd Single $3.99

Ms. Toi "Can't None Of Y'all" -Cd Single $3.99

Ms. Triniti feat. E-Dee "Bongce Along b/w "Reddi Reddi Boi" -Cd Single $1.99

Musiq "Whoknows" -Cd Single $3.99

Musiq "Forthenight" -Cd Single $3.99

Musiq "Something" -Cd Single $3.99


Naam Brigade feat. Juvenile "What You Doin' Wit Dat" -Cd Single $3.99

Naam Brigade feat. Freeway "Early In The Game" -Cd Single $3.99

Napalm feat. Ras Kass "Shine All Nite" -Cd Single $3.99

Nappy Roots "Awnaw" -Cd Single $3.99

Narrow "LA LA" b/w "How You Gonna Live" -Cd Single $3.99

Nas feat. Puff Daddy "Hate Me Now" -Cd Single $3.99

Nas "Nastradamus" b/w "Shoot Em Up" -Cd Single $3.99

Naughty By Nature feat. Zhane "Jamboree" -Cd Single $3.99

Naughty By Nature feat. 3LW "Feels Good" -Cd Single $3.99

Nelly "Flap Your Wings" -Cd Single $3.99

Nelly "#1" -Cd Single $2.99

Nelly Furtado "No Hay Iqual" (Produced by Timbaland) -Cd Single $3.99

New Kids On The Block feat. Ne-Yo "Single" CD Single

Nicole Wray feat. Peedi Crakk & N.O.R.E. "If I Was Your Girlfriend" -Cd Single $3.99

Nine20 "What Would You Do?" b/w "The Storm", "Fly Away" & "Pryme Tyme" -Cd Single $3.99 (out of stock)

Nine20 "What Would You Do?" -Cd Single $3.99

Nocturnal Rage "MissMaryJane" -Cd Single $1.99

Nodesha "Sugar Buddy" -Cd Single $3.99

No Good "Ballin' Boy" -Cd Single $2.99

No Good "Woozie" b/w "Dopeman" & "Ain't Got No Money" -Cd Single $1.99

No Question "If You Really Wanna Go" -Cd Single $3.99 (out of stock)

No Question "I Don't Care" -Cd Single $3.99

Notorious B.I.G. feat. Twista, Bone Thugs N Harmony & 8Ball & MJG "Spit Your Game Remix" -Cd Single $3.99

Notorious B.I.G., The feat. Diddy, Nelly, Jagged Edge & Avery Storm "Nasty Girl" -Cd Single $3.99

Nucci Rey O "Mami U Know U Got It" -Cd Single$3.99


Obie Trice "Cry Now" -Cd Single $3.99

Olivia "Bizounce" -Cd Single $3.99 (out of stock)

O'Jays, The "Let's Ride" -Cd Single $3.99

One Chance feat. Fabo (of D4L) "Look At Her" -Cd Single $3.99

One Chance feat. Yung Joc "U Can't" -Cd Single

One Chance "That's My Word" -Cd Single $3.99 (out of stock)

O-Solo feat. Rockwilder "6 Minutes" -Cd Single $3.99

Othaz "You Know What It Is" -Cd Single $2.99 (out of stock)

Outkast "The Whole World" -Cd Single $3.99

Outsiderz 4 Life "Who R U?" Produced by Timbaland -Cd Single $3.99


Pam & Dodi "What's Wrong" -Cd Single $3.99

Parental Advisory feat. Eightball "Sundown" -Cd Single $3.99

Paul Wall "Girl" -Cd Single $3.99

Paul Wall "They Don't Know" feat. Mike Jones b/w "They Don't Know" feat. Bun B -Cd Single $3.99

PCD's, The feat. Busta Rhymes "Don't Cha" (prod. by Cee-Lo) -Cd Single $3.99

P.Diddy feat. Busta Rhymes & M.O.P. "Bad Boy For Life" Remix -Cd Single $3.99

Peedi Crakk feat. Beanie Sigel, Freeway & Young Chris "One For Peedi Crakk" (Roc-A-Fella) -Cd Single $3.99

Pharoahe Monch "Let's Go" - Official Cd-R Single $1.99

Pharoahe Monch "The Light" -Cd Single $3.99 (out of stock)

Pharoahe Monch "Got You" -Cd Single $3.99

Pink "Get The Party Started" -Cd Single $3.99

Pink "You Make Me Sick" -Cd Single $3.99

Pitbull "Bojangles" -Cd Single $2.99

Pitbull "Ay Chico(Lengua Afuera)" -Cd Single $2.99

Pitbull feat. Pretty Ricky "Everybody Get Up" -Cd Single $2.99

Pitbull "305 Anthem" feat. Lil Jon b/w "She's Freaky" -Cd Single $2.99

Pony Boi feat. Da Brat "Don't Shake It" -Cd Single $3.99

Potzee "Dat Girl" -Cd Single $3.99

Pretty Ricky "Nothing But A Number" -Cd Single $3.99

Project Pat feat. Juvenile "Back Clap" Remix -Cd Single $3.99

Project Pat "Ooh Nuthin'" b/w "So High" -Cd Single $3.99

Project Pat "Don't Save Her" -Cd Single $3.99

Project Pat "Gel & Weave" -Cd Single $3.99

Pussycat Dolls "I Hate This Part" -Cd Single


QB's Finest feat. Nas, Mobb Deep, Capone, Nature, Cormega, Marley marl, MC Shan "Da Bridge 2001" -Cd Single $3.99 (out of stock)

(Q-Tip) Kamaal/The Abstract "Barely in Love" b/w "Feelin'" & "Heels" -Cd Single $3.99

Quion "Life Is Hot" -Cd Single $3.99


Rah Digga "Tight" -Cd Single $3.99

Raphael Saadiq "The Way I See It" 5-song sampler CD Single $3.99

Ras Kass "Back It Up" feat. Kokane -Cd Single $3.99

Ray J "Keep Your Head Up" -Cd Single $3.99

Ray J "Formal Invite" Produced by The Neptunes -Cd Single $3.99 (out of stock)

Ray Lavender feat. T-Pain "Put it Down"

Rayvon "My Bad" (DJ Clue Remixes) -Cd Single $3.99

Rayvon "2-Way" feat. Shaggy, Rik Rok Ducent, Brian & Tony Gold -Cd Single $3.99

Red Cafe "All Night Long" -Cd Single $3.99

Red Eyezz "Baum Baum" b/w "Got Dem Draws" -Cd Single $2.99 (out of stock)

Remy Ma "Conceited" Produced by Scott Storch -Cd Single $3.99 (out of stock)

Rhymefest "Dynomite (Going Postal)" b/w "Chicago Rillas" feat. Mikey & Bump J -Cd Single $3.99

Rhymefest "Fever" -Cd Single $3.99

Rhymefest "Dynomite (Going Postal)" -Cd Single $3.99

Rhymefest "Dynomite (Going Postal)", "Fever", "All Girls Cheat" feat. Mario & "Go Out Clothes"-Cd Single $3.99

Richard Burton feat. Ruff Endz "Baller" -Cd Single $3.99

Rich Boy "Throw Some D's" -Cd Single $3.99

Rich Boy "Get To Poppin'" -Cd Single $3.99

Rick Ross feat. Trick Daddy, Kase & Gunplay "Just Chillin" -Cd Single $3.99 (out of stock)

Rick Vocals "Ghost" (Roc-A-Fella) -Cd Single $3.99

Rico Love "Settle Down" -Cd Single $3.99

R. Kelly feat. T.I. and T-Pain "I'm A Flirt Remix" Cd Single

R.Kelly & Jay-Z "Big Chips" -Cd Single $3.99

Rosey "Love" b/w "Beautiful" & "Love" Koop Remix -Cd Single $2.99

Royal Flush "Iced Down Medallions" -Cd Single $3.99

Run Dmc feat. Jermaine Dupri "It's Over" -Cd Single $3.99

Rusty Waters "Cornbread" -Cd Single $3.99


Saafir "Not Fa' Nuthin" b/w " Bedroom Bully" , "Mask-A-Raid"

Sarai "Pack Ya Bags" -Cd Single $3.99

Scarface feat. Faith Evans "Someday" -Cd Single $3.99

Scooter Smiff feat. Chris Brown "Head Of My Class CD Single $3.99

Screwball "H-O-S-T-Y-L-E" b/w "Take It There" -Cd Single $3.99

Sean Garrett feat. Akon & Plies "Come On In" CD Single $3.99

Sean Paul "Give It Up To Me" b/w "Never Gonna Be The Same -Cd Single $3.99

Sean Paul "Temperature" -Cd Single $3.99

Seth Marcel "Give It Here" b/w Could It Be" -Cd Single

Shade Sheist feat. Nate Dogg & Warren G "Wake Up" -Cd Single $3.99

Shaggy "Hey Sexy Lady (Dancehall + Just Blaze Remixes) -Cd Single

Shaggy feat. Brian & Tony Gold "Leave It To Me" -Cd Single $3.99

Shaggy feat. The Kraft "Freaky Girl" -Cd Single $3.99

Shawnna "Weight A Minute" -Cd Single $3.99

Shawnna feat. Ludacris "Shake That Sh!t" Produced by Timbaland -Cd Single $3.99

Shawty Redd feat. Snoop Dogg "Drifter" Remix -Cd Single

Shells "Why I Love You" -Cd Single $3.99

Shyne feat. Ashanti "Jimmy Choo" Produced by Irv Gotti -Cd Single $3.99

Shyne feat. Foxy Brown "More Or Less" Produced by Kanye West -Cd Single $3.99

Silkk The Shocker feat. Master P & Mac "He Did That" -Cd Single $3.99

Silkk The Shocker feat. Master P "We Like Them Girls" b/w Master P "We Want Some" -Cd Single $3.99

Silkk The Shocker feat. Snoop Dogg "Pop Lockin" -Cd Single $3.99

Silkk The Shocker feat. Mystikal "Them Boyz" -Cd Single $3.99


Sisco "Incomplete" -Cd Single $3.99

Skillz feat. Missy Elliott & Kandi "Crew Deep" -Cd Single $3.99

Slimm Calhoun "The Cut Song" -Cd Single $3.99

Slimm Calhoun feat. Andre 3000 "It's Ok" -Cd Single

Slimm Calhoun feat. Killer Mike "Well" -Cd Single $3.99

Sly Boogy feat. Jagged Edge "If You Got Crew" -Cd Single $3.99

Sly Boogy "It's Nuthin'" Produced by Scott Storch -Cd Single $3.99

Smilez & Southstar "Who Wants This?" -Cd Single $3.99

Snoop Dogg feat. The Bee Gees "Ups & Downs" -Cd Single $3.99

Snoop Dogg "Snoop Dogg" -Cd Single $3.99

Snoop Dogg presents Tha Eastsidaz "Got Beef" feat. Jayo Felony b/w "Ghetto" feat. Kokane, Kam & Nate Dogg -Cd Single

Solange "Feeling You" Pt.1 & Pt.2 + Nu Soul Dance Mix + Club Mix (5 versions) -Cd Single $3.99

Solange "I Decided" Remixes CD Single $3.99

Soulja Boy "Donk" CD Single $3.99

Southernaire Allstars "I Believe" -Cd Single $3.99

Stagga Lee "Roll Wit M.V.P." -Cd Single $3.99

Stat Quo "Like Dat" -Cd Single $3.99

Stephen Simmonds "Get Down" -Cd Single $3.99

Styles P feat. Akon "Can You Believe It" -Cd Single $3.99*

Styles & Pharoahe Monch "The Life" -Cd Single $3.99

Sunshine Anferson "Lunch Or Dinner" -Cd Single $3.99

Sway And King Tech feat. Chino XL "Trouble" -Cd Single $3.99 (out of stock)

Swizz Beats Feat. Ron Isley, P. Diddy, Baby, Jadakiss, Snoop Dogg & TQ "Bigger Business" -Cd Single $3.99


Tamara feat. Jermaine Dupri & Amil "Get None" -Cd Single $3.99

Tego Calderon / John Eric "Los Calderones" (Reggaeton) -Cd Single $3.99

Terror Squad "Whatcha Gon Do" -Cd Single $3.99

TG4 "Virginity" -Cd Single $3.99

Tha Liks feat. Shae Fiol "Run Wild" -Cd Single $3.99

Tha Rayne "Didn't You Know" -Cd Single

The A'z "Yadadamean" -Cd Single

The Lo "Lumdi" CD Single

The INC (Irv Gotto Presents...) "Ride Wit Us " -Cd Single

The Pack feat. Dem Franchize Boyz & Mistah F.A.B. "Fresh" -Cd Single $2.99

The Relativez feat. Butch Cassidy "Ride Wit Meh" -Cd Single

Three 6 Mafia "2 Way Freak" -Cd Single

T.I. "Why You Wanna" -Cd Single (out of stock)

T.I. "Ride Wit Me" -Cd Single

T.I. Presents P$C feat. Young Dro "Do Ya Thing" -Cd Single

Timbaland & Magoo feat. Tweet "All Y'all" - Cd Single

Toby Love "Stripper Pole" -Cd Single

Toni Estes "Stupid" -Cd Single $3.99

Tony Braxton "Spanish Guitar" + Hq2 Radio Mix - Cd Single

Tony Estes "Stupid"(Nothing I Believe) -Cd Single

Tony Touch feat. Total "I Wonder Why?(He's The Greatest DJ)" -Cd Single

Tow Down's feat. Dj Screw(RIP) "Country Rap Tune" -Cd Single

Trey Songz "Gotta Go" -Cd Single $3.99

Trick Daddy "Boy" -Cd Single $3.99

Trina feat. Kelly Rowland "Here We Go" -Cd Single $3.99

Troy Walsh "Country Clubbin" b/w "Runaway Train" & "Whispers" -Cd Single $2.99

Truth Hurts "The Truth" -Cd Single $3.99

Twista feat. Mariah Carey "So Lonely" -Cd Single $3.99(out of stock)

Tyrese "Signs Of Love Makin" -Cd Single $3.99


UGK "Ain't That A B***h(Ask Yourself)" feat. Devin The Dude b/w "Money, H**s & Power" feat. Jermaine Dupri -Cd Single $3.99

UGK feat. Talib Kweli & Raheem Devaughn "Real Women" CD Single

UGK feat. Outkast "Int'l Player Anthem (I Choose You)" Cd Single (out of stock)

Uncle Ill "Keep On" b/w "Cho" Remix -Cd Single $3.99*

Urban Mystic feat. Stacks "Bounce Wit Me" -Cd Single $3.99

Usher "Moving Mountains" -Cd Single

Usher "U Don't Have To Call" Produced by The Neptunes -Cd Single $3.99

Usher "U Got It Bad" Soulpower Remix -Cd Single $3.99


Voices Of Antioch "In The Mean Time" (Gospel) -Cd Single $1.99

Voltio feat. Notch "Chevere" -Cd Single $3.99


WC feat. Case "Flirt" -Cd Single $3.99

WC feat. Snoop Dogg & Nate Dogg "The Streets" Remix -Cd Single $3.99 (out of stock)

Webbie "Bad Chick" -Cd Single $3.99

West Coast Bad Boyz "Pop Lockin' II" feat. Snoop Dogg, E-40, Dogg Pound, WC, No Limit -Cd Single $3.99

Willy Northpole "Body Marked Up" -Cd Single

Wu-Tang Clan "Pinky Ring" b/w "Y'all Been Warned" -Cd Single $3.99

Wu-Tang "Rules" -Cd Single $3.99

Wyclef feat. Missy Elliott "Party To Damascus" -Cd Single $3.99

Wyclef feat. The Rock "It Doesn't Matter" -Cd Single $2.99

Wyclef feat. Bono of U2 "New Day" + Hip Hop Version feat. Bumpy Knuckles, Marie Antoinette, Red Alert, Reptile, Small World... -Cd Single $3.99


X-Ecutioners feat. M.O.P. "Let It Bang"-Cd Single $3.99 (out of stock)

Xzibit presents Montage "Larger Than Life" -Cd Single

Xzibit feat. Nate Dogg "Multiply" -Cd Single $3.99


Yah Yah (from The Outsidaz) "All I Need Is Some Love" b/w "Time 2 Party" -Cd Single $3.99

Yasmeen "Blue Jeans" -Cd Single $3.99

Ying Yang Twins feat. Wyclef Jean "Dangerous" -Cd Single $3.99

Ying Yang Twins feat. Pitbull & Elephant Man "Shake Remix" -Cd Single $3.99

Ying Yang Twins feat. Bun B "Git It" -Cd Single $3.99

Ying Yang Twins "Wait (The Whisper Song) Remix" feat. Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliott, Lil Scrappy, Free & mr. Collipark -Cd Single $3.99

Ying Yang Twins "Badd" feat. Mike Jones & Mr. Collipark -Cd Single $3.99

Yo Gotti "That's What's Up" b/w "Shawty" feat. D'Nero from Blockburnaz -Cd Single $3.99

Yo Gotti feat. Bun B & 8 Ball "Gangsta Party" -Cd Single $3.99

Yo Gotti "Full Time" -Cd Single $3.99

Yolanda Adams "This Too Shall Pass" -Cd Single $3.99

Young Bloodz "Caddilac Pimpin'" -Cd Single $3.99

Young Bloodz "U-Way(How We Do It)" -Cd Single $3.99

Young Buck "Do It Myself" -Cd Single $3.99

Young Dro feat. T.I. "Shoulder Lean" b/w "Gangsta" -Cd Single $3.99

Young Cash "Believe It" - Official Cd-R Single $1.99

Young Cash "Put That Iron On Em" - Official Cd-R Single $1.99

Young Gunz feat. Rell "No Better Love" -Cd Single $3.99

Young Gunz "Friday Night" (Produced by Just Blaze) -Cd Single $3.99

Young Hot Rod feat. Mary J. Blige "Be Easy" -Cd Single $3.99

Young Jeezy feat. Bun-B (UGK) "Over Here" -Cd Single $3.99

Yummy Bingham "One More Chance" -Cd Single $3.99

Yung Joc "I Know You See It" -Cd Single $3.99

Yung-N "Round 'N Round" -Cd Single $3.99 (out of stock)

Yung Wun "I Tried To Tell Ya" -Cd Single $3.99

Yung Wun feat, DMX, Lil' Flip & David Banner "Tear It Up" -Cd Single $3.99

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