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Ebay Auctions





Aaliyah (Mini-Cardboard Display 5.5" x 8") $3.00

Aaliyah (Postcard) $1.00

Alicia Keys (Postcard) $0.50

America Is Dying Slowly "AIDS" (Sticker) $1.00

Andre The Giant ..has a posse Shepard Fairey (Sticker) $1.00

Armareda "Come Better" (Sticker) $1.00



Baadasssss! "Van Peebles" (Sticker) $1.00

Beastie Boys "Sounds Of Science" (Sticker) $1.00*

Beastie Boys "BS 2000" (Sticker) $1.00

Bow Wow "The Prince Of Fame" (Sticker) $1.00

Braveherats "Bravehearted" (Sticker) $1.00

Brother Ali "Shadows On The Sun" (Sticker) $1.00 (sold out)



Cage "Movies For The Blind" (Sticker) $1.00 (sold out)

The Cell/Jennifer Lopez (Trading Cards) $0.50

Chico & Coolwadda (Sticker) $1.00

Chops (Mountain Brothers) "Virtuosity" (Sticker) $1.00

Coolio (Sticker) $1.00

Craig David (Postcard) $0.50

Cuban Link "24k" (Big Sticker) $1.00


D&D Records (Sticker) $1.00*

Dead Prez "RBG" (Middle-Finger) $1.00

Diddy "Press Play>" (Sticker) $1.00

DJ Honda (Sticker) $1.00

DJ Honda (Big Sticker) $2.00

DJ Muggs Vs. GZA(Genius) "Grandmasters" (Sticker) $1.00 (sold out)

Dungeon Family (Sticker) $1.00


Eminem "Hi My Name Is Slim Shady" (Postcard) $0.50

Etonic (Sticker) $1.00


Fat Joe (Postcard) $0.50

Five Deez "Koolmotor" (Sticker) $1.00

Five Deez "Secret Agent 005" (Sticker) $1.00

Foreign Legion (Sticker) $1.00*


Gangsta Boo "Both Worlds *69" (Sticker) $1.00

Gnarls Barkley (Sticker) $1.00 (sold out)


Hell Razah "Renaissance Child" (Sticker) $1.00

House Of Pain "Same As It Ever Was" (Sticker) $1.00 (sold out)

Hurricane "Denzel Washington" (Sticker) $1.00



Ice Cube "Next Friday" (Sticker) $1.00


Jaguar Wright (Postcard) $0.50

Jill Scott/Sade (Big Sticker) $1.00

J.Lo (Postcard) $0.50

J.Rawls "The Essence.." (Sticker) $1.00

Jungle Brothers (Sticker) $1.00



K-Ci & JoJo "It's Real" (Sticker) $1.00

Killah Priest "Heavy Mental" (Sticker) $1.00 (sold out)

Killah Priest "View From Masada" (Sticker) $1.00

Kool Keith "Matthew" (Sticker) $1.00

Krayzie Bone (5 minute phone card, expired but still hold collectors value) $1.00

Krumb Snatcha "Let The Truth Be Told" (Sticker) $1.00

Kwest Tha Madd Lad (Sticker) $1.00


Lil' Flip "Game Over" (Sticker) $1.00

Lil' Kim "Hardcore" (Ink Pen) $3.00

Lil' Kim "Suck My D!#K" (Postcard) $0.50

Lil' Mo (Sticker) $1.00

LL Cool J "Headsprung" (Sticker) $1.00

Lord Have Mercy "The Ungodly Hour" (Sticker) $1.00

Lupe Fiasco "Food & Liquor" (Sticker) $1.00

Lyricist Lounge Tour 2000 (Sticker) $1.00



Mary J. Blige "No More Drama" (Postcard) $0.50

Mc Lyte "Everyday" (Sticker) $1.00

Mecca USA (Sticker) $1.00

Missy Elliott "..So Addictive" (Sticker) $1.00

Mi Vida Loca (Temporary Tattoo) $0.50

Mobb Deep "Murda Musick" (Big Sticker) $5.00

Mr. Wong "middle finger" (Sticker) $1.00

Mystic (Sticker) $1.00



Nas 1999 rare (Press Bio Photo) $9.99

No Good "Ballin Boy UM colors" (Sticker) $1.00


Organized Rhymes (Sticker) $1.00

Outkast "Ms. Jackson Smirnoff" (Postcard) $0.50


Paul Wall "The Peoples Champ" (Sticker) $1.00

Physical Science (Sticker) $1.00

Prodigy (Mobb Deep) "H.N.I.C. Pt.2" (Sticker)

Product G&B (Sticker) $1.00


Ruff Ryders (Temporary Tattoo) $0.50


Sade/ Jill Scott "Lover's Rock" (Big Sticker) $1.00

Shaft (Big Sticker) $1.00

Snoop Dogg "The Last Meal/Bone" (Sticker) $1.00

Snoop Dogg "Greatest Hits" (Sticker) $1.00

Sir Menelik "Cyclops 4000" (Sticker) $1.00

Smut Peddlers (Postcard) $0.50

Snoop Dogg "The Last Meal/Bone" (Sticker) $1.00

Snoop Dogg "Greatest Hits" (Sticker) $1.00

Soulja Boy "TellEm" (Sticker) $1.00

Soul Assassins (Temporary Tattoo) $0.50

Sporty Thievz "Street Cinema" (Sticker) $1.00

Starsky & Hutch (Sticker) $1.00

Tee Double "Lost Scriptures" (Sticker) $1.00

Third World Cop "we run things" (Sticker) $1.00

Timbaland (Big Sticker) $1.00

Tragedy Khadafi "Against All Odds" (Sticker) $1.00

Tribal Streetwear (Sticker) $1.00

Triple Five Soul (Sticker) $1.00



Usher "8701" (Big Sticker) $1.00


The Vapors "12 Oz. Prophet" (Sticker) $1.00

Vooodu "Dark Regions" (Sticker) $1.00


Wildchild..Lootpack (Sticker) $1.00 (sold out)



Yankee B "Mucho Dinero" (Sticker) $1.00

YoYo "Street Bombing" (Big Sticker) $1.00


Zhane "Request Line" (Sticker) $1.00



3LW (Sticker) $1.00

40 Thevz(Sticker) $1.00


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